TIFFANY SUM. 18 lover of christ.
I love to dress up and go out & just explore life. Working out, baking and having a good time is totally my thing. And some modeling keeps me happy too !

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My homegirl and I today AKA JAMANGO, JAM, JAZZMATAZZ, MANGO and much more #Jamal #lololol

#jamal  #lololol  

Thanks @conniesum You definitely help me stay a fit-lean machine ;) the waffle was better than the ice cream #waffle #carmela #yum (at Carmela Ice Cream - Pasadena)

#yum  #carmela  #waffle  

Brought my best friend to be my one and only guest =P

Just had a VENTI green tea trap, then got another hot coffee, the laDY asked me, “didnt You just have a green juice?!” Lol #LAX #BAGGAGECLAIMING WITH JAZZ .

Style fashion week #StyleFWLA

Taro strawberry shave ice, so much for working out 8 days a week like I didn’t stop one day of working out for so long for probably two weeks straight lol but since my homegirls came back for college, I gotta EAT!!! #Goodtalks #NightLIFE LMAO #guppyhouse @ahappyhappa @r.becks @michelleesum




Olga Malyuk goes folk in a story by Signe Vilstrup for the October issue of Glamour Italia, outfitted by Simone Guidarelli.

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