TIFFANY SUM. 18 lover of christ.
I love to dress up and go out & just explore life. Working out, baking and having a good time is totally my thing. And some modeling keeps me happy too !

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This girl is too short, man this cotton candy ice cream is sooo darn good, we’re about to go bed frame shopping #thriftythrifty #littlesuzannaAdventures #tallpeopleprobs

Always saying how long it takes to curl my hair but I love #bighair so it’s worth every minute of arm workout I get out of this. #AboutToGetMyDimSumOnBaby

God blessed Michelle and I to work together so that we never get bored:) I always have a best friend to share all my happiness and sometimes the okay moments in life. #miracles #wootwoot

Every time I wear this, I fly ;)

My”Big sister” is not so big, we never get the chance to have dinner together often so when we do, it calls for a picture: ) @conniesum you are sooo GOOOORRRRGGGGEEEE (at Nbc Seafood Restaurant)

My auntie Maggie I love you soo much! I will visit you in NY hehe thanks for cooking THE BEST CURRY and sweet&sour soup everrr

Eventful day, love it when the day is filled with plans and something to do is always great #IDontPutOnLashesOften #ITriedTodayLol

Does anyone ever find your washing machine sucking all your socks away? I started from atleast 30 pairs of socks to 5. So i purchased my own for the first time hehe going on a mornng run with these babies. Its going to be a great day, i know it!!!!

I ended up with this girll, she’s my faveeee: )

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