TIFFANY SUM. 18 lover of christ.
I love to dress up and go out & just explore life. Working out, baking and having a good time is totally my thing. And some modeling keeps me happy too !

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Wow, awesome workout. Was cold and sluggish but totally put on workout gear so there’s no turning backLOG. after some Victoria’s secret workout vids and insanity workout. Plus 20 mm num ropes and interval running outside. Then some abs. I swear I didn’t splash water on my face. #Purecardio #abs. #Michelleandimotivateseachother #good workout #sohappyhehehhe

Just because they’re awesome people inside and out! <3 #fhahero #friends #downtime #lunchtime @evelyn_ojeda @thats_so_adrian @michelleesum

What a good nighttttttt!!!!!!

German chocolate and coconut something lol #CASEYSCUPCAKES #pink #love it #packagingmatters #seriously #CUPCAKEWAR #getskinny

Casey’s cupcakes won cupcake war! It was pretty so I had to try it LOLOL. #CASEYSCUPCAKES #CUPCAKEWAR

Wow preschool and first grade kids agree so adorable. This is Gavin Leonard! He’s so talkative and intelligent! !!

Just taking a picture in front of someone’s hotel room at mission hehehe:)

Chai tea or coffee? I say both. Man had a scare this morning, if I walked into my dress check 50 seconds later, I would’ve Been disqualified. I literally ran back to my hotel room and back into another hotel, tripped over a pole/ me and Michelle charged. Thank God for blessing us with long legs and an athletic built . #Neverbeensoscaredinmylife #fhahero

Never knew how to wear these pants until today lol. Take a white v-neck and pair it with earrings and a necklace. BAM! looks glammed and fab hahaha!:)

I’m soo happy today, I feel that God is turning bad situations into good! And everything’s getting better. =]] #godisgood #ootd #fancyshmancy #happythursday

#Caliweather #sohott

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